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John Webb – Dendra Doors & IKEA – Part 4
John Webb wraps up his walkthrough by showing us the quality and selection of finishes of both IKEA and Dendra …
John Webb – Dendra Doors & IKEA – Part 3
During John Webb’s final walkthrough of the Hatfield project he talks about the quality and function of IKEA and Dendra …
John Webb – Dendra Doors & IKEA – Part 2
During John Webb’s final walkthrough of the Hatfield project he talks about the quality and function of IKEA and Dendra …
John Webb – Dendra Doors & IKEA – Part 1
The clever finish and overall design of the kitchen island is a great example of John’s approach to style and …
Project Management Tools – Buildertrend Pt 2
JWC&D’s Project Manager Braden Etchison explains how the company utilized Buildertrend for the Hatfield Project.
Final Walkthrough – Radiant Heat
John tells us about the surprising efficiency of the hydronics system as well as the insulation and it’s soundproofing qualities.
Final Walkthrough – JWC&D Quality
John talks design choices he made that reflect the quality of JWC&D’s work, things he may not ever do again, …
Final Walkthrough – Fixtures & Appliances
John explains the importance, and a few unique features, of the selection of quality appliances and fixtures for a home …
Project Management Tools – Buildertrend Pt 1
John Webb explains how even though there might be younger, more tech-savvy people on his crew, there are clear advantages …
Final Walkthrough – Patio & Outdoor Kitchen
Part 2 of John Webb’s final walk through of the Hatfield Project. From the outdoor kitchen to the landscaping, the …
Final Walkthrough – Lot and Style
Part 1 of John Webb’s final walk through of the Hatfield Project. Seeing how his ideas and design choices take …
Vendors – Home Staging
Katie Cullen, owner of Kate Elise Interiors, tells us why the open floor plan made the Hatfield house such a …
Vendors – Dendra Doors
Kathryn Vecchio, design consultant for Dendra Doors, walks us through the mixture of standard IKEA cabinets, and custom doors throughout …
Bonus Episode – Inside BuilderTrend
Project Manager Braden Etchison walks us through the ERP software John Webb Construction & Design uses.
Project Manager – Update
Project Manager Braden Etchison explains how and why a few changes were made as the John Webb team brought this …
Front to Back
An early interview with John Webb about the home he and his team built on Hatfield Street in Coburg, Oregon.
Episode 4 Excerpt
An excerpt from Matt Nelson (from 360 Electric) talking about the level of skill and creativity that goes into creating …
Episode 3 Excerpt
An excerpt from Jeff Kernen’s episode where he talks about the beautiful City of Coburg and some of the unique …
Episode 2 Excerpt
An excerpt of the John Webbccast episode introducing John Generoso from John’s Precision Plumbing and his work on the Hatfield …
Episode 1 Excerpt
An excerpt of John Webb’s introduction of the home that he and his team are building on Hatfield Street in …
Webbccast Trailer
Follow along as John keeps you updated on the design and construction of the spec home we're building in Coburg, …
Hatfield Street – Project Introduction
John Webb introduces a new home build in Coburg, OR
Building to Location
Bonus episode.
Subcontractors – Plumbing
John's Precision Plumbing explains the need for creativity in plumbing.
Coburg Planning Department
Some of the city's unique design requirements, where they came from and how to adapt.
Subcontractors – Electrical
360 Electric talks about the skill and creativity required for innovative builds.
John Webb Crew – Project Manager
John Webb’s Project Manager talks about getting back into building homes from the ground up.
Vendors – Material Handling
RiverBend Materials talks concrete and working with folks with imagination and an eye for detail.
Subcontractors – Excavation & Concrete
Tyler Pardovich from PRC Excavation & Concrete tells a little about excavation and foundation design.
Subcontractors – HVAC
Mitch Wofford from Majestic Heating & Air Conditioning talks about situating his entire configuration between the first and second floors.
City of Coburg – Building Inspector
Russell Young tells us a little about his experience as a Building Inspector for the City of Coburg.
Subcontractors – Roofing
Colby Carter from Carter Roofing talks about the unique design and the quality of the roof at the Hatfield house …
Bonus Episode – Driveway Pour
PRC Excavation & Concrete and RiverBend Materials come together to create a spectacularly beautiful, expertly designed driveway.
Subcontractors – Hydronics
Damien Pemberton from Oregon Hydronics Heating & Air describes a comprehensive and efficient system that provides for a healthy, and …
John Webb Crew – On Site Manager
John Webb’s On Site Manager, Kyle Hamburg, talks about his first experience building and managing a home from start to …
John Webb – Project Update
John Webb takes us on a walkthrough of the stunning new home he is almost done building on Hatfield St …
Subcontractors – Tile Setter
Jeremy Moler from Anchor Tile talks tile, quality, and design.
John Webb Crew – Finish Carpenter
John Webb’s Finish Carpenter, Southy Vongkham, talks about the skills and experience he has been picking up over the duration …

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